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Discussion Questions

How can we find more examples of acts of Compassionate Pioneering?

How can we find those who are often Compassionate Pioneers?

How can we enable more people to engage in acts of Compassionate Pioneering more often?


How can we support the continuing efforts of Compassionate Pioneers?


How can we help avoid overload and burnout for Compassionate Pioneers?


How can we help acts of Compassionate Pioneering to be recognized and rewarded - especially in tenure and promotion decisions?


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Interview Questions
Intended to elicit names of Compassionate Pioneers, especially the "unsung heroes" and descriptions of acts of Compassionate Pioneering that are both worthy of emulation and within the capability of most of us:

1.  Who are one or two people you would first identify as "Compassionate Pioneers"? 


2.  Who are one or two "unsung heroes" who occasionally act like Compassionate Pioneers? 


3.  What are one or two exemplary activities of "Compassionate Pioneering" done by people in the second category above? 

Full text of above questions with explanations and additional questions - extended 2-page version (PDF)

Interviewee Release Form - 2 pages (PDF)

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We want to collect and publish stories about Compassionate Pioneering and Compassionate Pioneers – especially in educational uses of information technology.

Stories of Compassionate Pioneering should not be written or submitted by the pioneer him/herself, because these stories should be written or told with feelings of gratitude for the action performed -- or explicitly to thank the Compassionate Pioneer. 

These stories need only be about specific acts of compassionate pioneering.  These acts need not be heroic in scale and need not have been performed by someone who is widely recognized as a Compassionate Pioneer.  

However, stories are also welcome about individuals who have demonstrated that they are truly “Compassionate Pioneers” through many innovative contributions and continuing, sustained efforts to help others.

[Of course, we’re also looking for stories that clearly explain how a Compassionate Pioneer made an innovative improvement in teaching and learning that makes use of information technology AND how that same person helped a colleague to make a similar effort.]


Recorded Answers to Interview Questions

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